Most Popular Pet Travel Destinations In Europe

Are you going on vacation but don’t want to leave your pet alone? We understand! Fortunately, numerous tourist destinations are dog-friendly, and there you can spend your weekends with pleasure.

Most Popular Pet Travel Destinations In Europe

We will not tell you how to stay with your pet in luxury hotels like those in UAE. Where you can visit the most expensive places with your pet, get a Porsche rental in Dubai that even smells like luxe, and truly enjoy high-quality service. Despite all the delights of such a vacation in Dubai, the import of animals to the Emirates has several nuances that you should familiarize yourself with in advance. But it’s not about that.

We have prepared for you six cities in Europe, where you can quickly find accommodation with a dog or other pets: whether it’s a hotel, apartment, or cottage. Enjoy your trip along with your pet!


Oslo creates the impression of a small suburban town, but its beauty is fascinating. The capital of Norway has a lot of parks, gardens and pedestrian streets. It’s an excellent place for a vacation with pets. Numerous spots and a boat ride through the fjords are waiting for you.

  • Frogner Park – the largest park in central parts of Oslo and a popular recreational area for people from all over the city. 
  • Take a ferry or boat trip along the beautiful fjord near Oslo. It is a popular swimming spot in summer and has spectacular views at any time of the year.
  • Visit the Akershus Fortress, located on the shore of the harbor. It was constructed in the 13th century and today makes space for the tomb of the Norse kings and a museum.


Any pet will always be welcome in Copenhagen! The entire infrastructure of the city is arranged for the dogs’ owners to feel comfortable. Therefore, the rest with four-legged friends in Denmark will be comfortable and enjoyable.

  • In the heart of the city you can find Tivoli Gardens: a wonderful combination of garden art and spacious areas for walking the dog and relaxing in a cafe.
  • Søndermarken is a wonderful place for long, unhurried walks at any time of the year. Your four-legged friend will enjoy the vast territory and untouched nature.
  • Have a picnic in the heart of the city – in Rosenborg Castle Gardens. The 17th-century castle itself will impress all lovers of history and architecture.


Amsterdam is a very dog-friendly city. There are numerous establishments which permit you to take your dog with you. Dogs are welcome on public transport. There are only a few places where dogs won’t be allowed such as churches or museums.

  • Vondelpark is the biggest city park, and absolutely the most well-known park in the Netherlands, which welcomes about 10 million guests yearly. 
  • Flevopark is a dog-friendly park. It’s a great spot for pets to cool down when they have had enough sightseeing in the city on sunny days.
  • Visit the open market at Amsterdam Roest, which often hosts fairs and exhibitions. Many people love this place for its stylish industrial look.


Dogs are Dublin’s favorite animals. So, it’s a pleasure for everyone to travel with a dog there. You will find a variety of restaurants and bars to please you and your pet.

  • Killarney National Park is the first national park in Ireland. It’s famous for its flora and fauna and historical monuments.
  • Dollymount – dunes with spectacular views of Dublin Bay. It’s one of the favorite places for surfers and locals who come to walk their pets.
  • The Irish National War Memorial Gardens is not only a memorial site for the fallen soldiers but a beautiful landmark in the park on the River Liffey.


The capital of Iceland has a unique charm and character. From 1924 to 1984, Iceland was also known for the rather curious fact that pet dogs were banned in the country’s capital. Fortunately, things have changed now!

  • Reykjavík Harbour refers to the Old Harbour and is located close to the centre of the city. It is the main port of departure for whale and puffin watching tours.
  • The valley Elliðaárdalur is the ideal area to walk your dog and be in complete harmony with nature. Enjoy the untouched nature!


Be sure to take your pet with you to Berlin! You will discover the city with numerous parks, excursions, and pet-friendly restaurants. Another nice feature: dogs are allowed on public transport in Berlin!

  • Discover the city from the river. Stern + Kreisschiffahrt and Reederei Riedel allow dogs on sightseeing cruises on the Spree River – don’t miss it!
  • Let your dog run freely on the territories of the former Tempelhof Airport. This place is great for picnics as well.
  • Want to know what a pet paradise looks like? Treat yourself and your pet at Feinspitz Cafe Restaurant in the heart of Berlin.

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