Most popular baby names of 2021 revealed as superheroes trend is on the rise

WHERE did you get the inspiration for your child’s name? Maybe it was while you were flicking through baby books or perhaps you’d always wanted to name them after a beloved family member.

Well there’s no denying that 2020 was the year we all spent watching hours and hours of TV on the sofa – and the current baby name trends certainly reflect that.

Would YOU name your child after a superhero character?


Would YOU name your child after a superhero character?Credit: Alamy

As 2021 draws to a close, parenting website BabyCentre has revealed the most popular monikers for the year based on the tens of thousands of parents who register names with them every year.

And considering how we’ve been bingeing all of Disney+ and Netflix in the past 18 months, it’ll come as no surprise that the superhero trend continues to soar.

Off the back of the Avengers’ success, the names Tony (Ironman), Steve (Captain America), Scott (Antman) and Thor all increased in popularity – but didn’t break into the top 100.

Amazingly, one set of daring parents even registered their baby as Thanos on the website – after the franchise’s supervillan.


Meanwhile, others preferred to name their sons after the franchise as a whole – as the website saw interest in Marvel quadruple while Loki also doubled.

What’s more, Disney+ – which is the home of Marvel – is also credited with the rise in popularity of the names Luca and Raya from the movie The Last Dragon.

Luca took 29th place for boys while Raya rose in popularity outside of the top 100.

What’s more, the name Penelope climbed 18 places and ranked at 71 thanks to the success of Netflix’s Bridgerton.

Other Netflix favourites You and Sex Education brought us binge-worthy baby names too – Love, Henry, Theo, Otis and Eric all climbed the charts and Maeve burst in as a new entry at 76.

That said, Oliver and Olivia still clung on to their spot in the top 10 most popular baby names – having come out trumps in 2020.

Top 100 Most Popular Baby Names:

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