Moss Book II Release Date Revealed

Sony has announced PlayStation VR2, but there are still big PS VR games coming in the future. One of these is in the very near future as Polyarc has finally announced the Moss Book II release date. The puzzle-platformer sequel is coming out on March 31 for PS VR.

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According to recent interviews, Polyarc heavily implied that it is planning on porting it to other headsets, but will take a break after this game ships before putting Book II elsewhere. This is similar to the first game as the original Moss came out on PC VR platforms a little over three months after its PS VR debut.

This announcement comes alongside a new gameplay demo on the PlayStation YouTube channel as well as a print from artist Kyle Sauter. This poster will be available on Amazon. Other retailers (if there are any) were not listed.

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The gameplay demo was light on spoilers, which is what Polyarc cited for the reason behind its silence. According to Designer Doug Burton, the team wanted to keep the story under wraps and that the game will “still have a lot of cool surprises that [Polyarc is] excited for players to experience in the headset themselves.”


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