Mortified woman jokes she'll "never live it down" after missing her proposal

These days, everything is captured on a phone – especially during this time when we can’t be together.

Some good, some bad – and some which make you laugh while cringing.

One woman was left in stitches after she failed to notice her boyfriend’s effort to propose to her.

TikTok user Annedee recounted the traumatic experience in a viral video that has been viewed more than 1.5million times.

As the sun sets on a veranda, her boyfriend was ready for the magic moment.

He thoughtfully set some friends up to film the occasion so the loved-up couple could rewatch it later.

Aneedee's boyfriend looks on as she mistakenly blanks him while he's trying to propose
Annedee joked she’ll “never live it down”

But it didn’t end up going to plan after Annedee was blinded by the light as she walked out, causing her to completely blank him.

In the video, poor Annedee, followed by what looks like her dad, walked in a beeline to a friend who was filming her, before appearing to realise the error.


In the caption, she added: “Never going to live this down. In my defence, the sun was in my eyes.”

Aneedee's boyfriend looks on as she mistakenly blanks him while he's trying to propose
The video went viral

People were left in stitches by her error – which Annedee said was due to a little miscommunication.

She explained: “The side you see [in the video] is the exit.

“He had the whole other side decorated, my mom put him on the side and my dad opened the wrong door for me.

“It wasn’t anyone’s “fault”, it was perfect even though it didn’t go as planned because now I get to marry my best friend.”

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One person commented: “I’m gonna need you to say yes to this poor chap. I need closure.”

Another said: “Hahaha, I mean you can tell that you stepped directly into a beam of light.”

A third commented: “This would be me.

“My boyfriend had a necklace in a box saying “open me” and I did not see it and it was right in front of me.”

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