Morrisons is selling £1.25 fake snow that moves and shoppers are obsessed

MORRISONS is selling a pot of gloopy fake snow that moves and shoppers are loving it.

It was first spotted on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group and the post on it has already attracted 1,500 comments.

Shoppers are now able to get their hands on fake snow from Morrisons

Shoppers are now able to get their hands on fake snow from Morrisons

The lump of fake snow gradually crumbles away when taken out of its pot and turns into small white granules.

It’s easy to pick up and can be moulded into any shape – and even expands when you’ve finished playing with it.

One shopper tagged a friend and said: “Reckon the elves would have fun with this.”

Another said: “Never mind the kids, I want it!”

Even better, the groovy item is currently in Morrisons’ clearance sale meaning it’s been reduced to just £1.25.

It was previously selling for £2.50, so you’ll be able to save £1.25.

But as it’s a clearance item, there is limited stock and Morrisons says it will only be available in some stores nationwide – and you can’t get it online.

Ring your local store first before making a trip to check that its still on Morrisons’ shelves.

The fake snow comes in a multi-coloured, transparent tub that says “watch me flow” and printed on the front of the tub is “Snow Flow Slooow Motion Fun”.

We couldn’t find the fake snow being sold at any other major retailers online but one shopper said they found it in store at Home Bargains (it isn’t online).

But not everyone was convinced it’s a great product.

Someone said: “Saw these the other day, great idea but packaging looks like a drink’s cup, bit dangerous to young children.”

Did you know that Morrisons has been revealed as the cheapest supermarket for your Christmas shop?

Morrisons is also giving away 125,000 FREE bags of wonky carrots for kids to leave out for Rudolph.

Its cafes recently offered all OAPS a free hot drink and mince pie -but only for one day.


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