More Than 10% of UK Smokers Quit During the Pandemic

More Than 10% of UK Smokers Quit During the Pandemic

The UK is experiencing a ten year high in the number of individuals quitting smoking. This is according to studies done in England and its regions by UCL Smoking. The experts attribute the fete to the need for smokers to stay healthy and boost their immunity to the COVID19 pandemic. Avid or light smokers want to protect their well-being and those of their loved ones. It is why people are switching to e-cigs; they are less harmful than normal cigarettes.

An Overview of the Impact of COVID19 on Society

Livelihoods are affected by the global coronavirus pandemic. It is vital also to take care of our well-being. We have suffered or heard of people who lost loved ones to the deadly virus. It helps to take a grip on our lives and do what is beneficial to our well-being during the challenging times.

Data shows that close to half of those quitting smoking are below the age of 25 years. It shows that young people are taking a proactive approach to stay healthy. Apart from that, they seek alternative ways to have fun and stay engaged during the lockdown. The initiative to stay at home and limit socializing reduces the instances in which young adults would socialize. Although it reduces the chances of smoking, there is still another significant reason youths in the United Kingdom are quitting smoking. It is to enhance their immunity to COVID19.

Youths are currently suffering from massive job losses and a stagnant economy in the country. It is still their desire to stay safe and healthy during uncertain times as they wait to overcome the COVID19 challenges. The disruption to learning in institutions of higher learning forces other adults to stay at home. They get more time with themselves and their loved ones. In such times, it is common for human beings to adapt to new lifestyles. These are some of the reasons that the UK is experiencing the highest number of people quitting smoking.

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The older generation and senior citizens are not affected much since they spend most of their time around the home. Most are retired with minimal engagements with the outside world. Since aging adults do not socialize a lot with other people, senior smokers do not change their lifestyle. Most probably, they find it difficult to stop due to addiction.

Reasons for the High Numbers of People Quitting cigarettes

Smoking is an unhealthy habit. Stopping makes life better regardless of age or existing medical conditions. There is a push by the government to create awareness on the effects of smoking during the pandemic. Although there are limited studies on its impact, there are many reasons that smokers are quitting smoking at such high numbers.

The campaigns by state agencies are finding ways to encourage more people to quit smoking. It includes stakeholders from the medical field too. Here are some of the reasons for the massive and unprecedented reduction in the number of smokers in the United Kingdom;

Alternative Products to Tobacco

By stopping the intake of tobacco, human beings can greatly increase their general well-being. The substance triggers the secretion of mucus in the lungs, and it can trap bacteria. It reduces our immune system’s response to viral infections, thus making smokers susceptible to COVID19. Smokers are prone to complications if they contract the virus.

The UK government has set up a ban on smoking in public. It went forward to limit the marketing and display of the products in shops. This has led to more people switching to e-cigs to reduce the harmful effects by more than 90%.

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The need to keep loved ones safe

Many people now have to stay at home with their families because of the global pandemic. Smokers are finding themselves spending extra time at home, and it led to users considering ways to discontinue smoking in a bid to guard health of loved ones. A home free of smoke is conducive for all.

There are numerous benefits to yourself and those around you when you quit smoking. Smoke inhaled by a passive smoker can cause cardiovascular and respiratory complications. The effects are more in little children who are exposed to cigarette smoke.

Healthy Living

Most of the diseases related to long-term smoking happen in the lungs and other respiratory organs. The coronavirus is a respiratory infection, and it poses greater risks of complications when smokers contract the virus. Soon as a smoker stops using, they will start reaping the benefits.

Quitting smoking is part of healthy living. The pandemic brought to a halt the busy work schedules, and people became more aware of their lifestyle. It is why people in the United Kingdom are choosing better and healthy ways of living amidst the crisis. The move will limit the risk of complications even when a person is infected.

Coping Mechanism

The initial stage, when people quit smoking, can be tasking. One may start experiencing stress, but there are other ways to cope amidst the pandemic. With individuals coming up with better ways of relieving stress like exercising to keep fit, smokers are able to stop using cigarettes.

Helps in Breathing and Blood Circulation

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As explained earlier, awareness of smoking risks is the most significant reason for the high number of people who have stopped smoking. It improves lung capacity, and a person can breathe better. Those quitting tobacco have improved blood circulation.

Need to Boost Immunity

There is so much evidence on the impact of smoking on the immune system. The risks involve smokers needing intensive care units or assistance in breathing if they contract the virus. It may also lead to death. Due to the need to boost immunity, smokers are letting go of the habit. They are completely refraining from using or even adapting to electronic devices. Staying free of nicotine will significantly boost immunity.


Surely, there are numerous reasons that smokers should consider quitting, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. By doing so, the body becomes stronger in fighting off infectious diseases. It will also improve energy levels and the reproduction system.


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