Moose on the loose: officers rescue animal stuck in swimming pool

A young moose that got stuck in a New Hampshire swimming pool has been successfully coaxed out.

New Hampshire fish and game department biologists and conservation officers were called to a Bedford home Tuesday to help remove the young bull. Officers say he was unable to get himself out of the pool, so they put in a set of wooden steps.

According to the television station WMUR, conservation officers worked late into the evening on Tuesday trying to help the moose out of the pool before “eventually letting the animal have the pool to itself overnight”, finally coaxing it out early Wednesday morning.

The department posted a video of the moose looking back and forth as the team held a rope and encouraging him toward the edge of the pool. After clambering out of the water, he scampered away.

Col Kevin Jordan suggests it had to do with it being moose breeding season.

He told WMUR that “the younger moose will wander long distances struggling to find a female”.

Jordan added that the creature must have caused quite a splash when the homeowners found it. “I can’t imagine … going to the sliding glass doors and looking out there and seeing a 1,200lb moose or 800lb moose in my pool.”

In a Facebook post to accompany the video, the New Hampshire fish and game department wrote:

“With the moose breeding season beginning to ramp up, bulls are on the move looking for mates. In his travels, this young bull accidentally found his way into a swimming pool in Bedford last night. NHF&G Wildlife Biologists, with assistance from local Conservation Officers, were able to help remove the moose from the pool. The moose was unable to get himself out after several hours as the pool had no stairs. By putting a set of wooden steps in the pool and coaxing the moose towards them, he was able to find his way out and back in to the woods.”


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