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Moon's haunted: Explaining the mysterious 'Moon Cube' with videogame theories – PC Gamer

Ah, the moon. Constant celestial companion. Monochrome goddess of the tides. Creator of werewolves and backdrop for Stanley Kubrick’s popular ‘landing’ comedy. Some say you are, in fact, just a somewhat pockmarked grey rock with little to recommend visiting beyond the fact you can be there and back in about a week.

But what mysteries might our sleeping satellite still hold? According to pictures sent back by China’s Yutu 2 rover this week, a strange-looking cube has been spotted on the moon’s surface. While the world waits for it to trundle over and investigate what scientific consensus so far agrees is ‘just a rock,’ PC Gamer’s finest minds looked to gaming for the real answer…

It’s a Companion Cube


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