Models allowed to Denmark for Copenhagen Fashion Week without a work permit

A new rule of exemption has been introduced to allow overseas models to enter Denmark for Copenhagen Fashion Week without a work permit, meaning that casting agents and brands can book international models for their upcoming spring/summer 2025 showcases.

For many years, models from non-Schengen countries, have not been allowed to enter Denmark for Copenhagen Fashion Week without a work permit. The organisers state that processing time for a work permit could be as much as four months, which posed “major challenges” for both brands, model agencies and models alike.

On June 1, it was announced that a new executive order will allow overseas models to access Denmark as they are now exempt from the requirement for a work permit for short periods of time, as well as a change in the duration of residence permits for accompanying family based on the work schemes.

The new amendment is the result of several years of work led by Dansk Fashion and Textile. It means that third-country citizens, who are going to work as professional models in Denmark, can work for up to 3 separate work periods of up to a total of 3 days’ duration within 180 days without a work permit.

Thomas Klausen, chief executive of Dansk Fashion & Textile and chairperson of the board of Copenhagen Fashion Week, said in a statement: “I am very happy that our hard work behind the scenes has paid off. Copenhagen Fashion Week is an important international fashion week, and therefore the rules so far have been hugely frustrating, because they made it difficult to live out the ambitions when it comes to international models.

“Therefore, we are very satisfied that the rules have been relaxed, as an international fashion week must be able to represent international models.”


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