Batting is the most important part of MLB The Show 20. Here’s how to improve your time at the plate.

The most important aspect of MLB The Show is batting, and for new players, it’s a nightmare.

But batting doesn’t have to be so scary. Even a new player can master the plate if they put the time in.

Let’s go over how to improve your hitting for MLB The Show 20.

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Camera management

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Strike Zone camera gets up close and personal

Camera settings are the lens you view the game through, so they’re very important to how you play. To improve your hitting the fastest, you’ll have to put dive right into the shark tank. That means using Strike Zone camera.

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The Strike Zone camera setting is by far the furthest zoom available, and helps players visualize the strike zone to better place pitches. You’ll just have to deal with the fact it hurts your view of this great looking game.

Practice Modes

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Adjust practice options for different situations

If you’re looking to play online, of course facing players and live rounds is one way to get better. But before you take on players, everyone should begin in practice first.

MLB The Show 20’s practice mode allows you to customize your scenario across things like strike count, pitcher and batter, runners on base, and stadium. This allows you to get a feel for all kinds of situations while focusing most on improving your swing rather than winning a game.

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MLB The Show 20 introduces a whole new perfect perfect swing result, so even the most veteran of players should be patient and get their time in Practice before queueing up.

Batting IQ

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Hold R2/RT to see the pitcher’s Energy and Confidence

Once you master your fundamentals and timing, it’s time to study up. Batting is all about reacting, and to react best to the situation you’re in, you better understand it inside and out. This is where your batting IQ comes in.

Batters have plenty to think about on the plate beyond game implications to an at-bat. For starters, batters need to be aware of the possible pitches from the opponent. This means while at-bat, players should be pressing R2/RT to see the pitcher’s options.

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Along with knowing what pitchers have to throw at you, you also need to see how a pitcher is doing. When pressing R2/RT there are two indicator bars that display the pitcher’s Energy and Confidence. These bars adjust after each pitch and throughout the game. Using these bars to adjust how you attack a pitcher is a guaranteed way to improve at-bats.



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