It is just more than seven weeks until the release of MLB The Show 20, and we have all had our first glimpse of the new gameplay thanks to the new trailer.

Along with the release of the trailer, San Diego Studios revealed the schedule for their developer livestreams, used to detail all the new features of the game.

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Between the trailer and livestream we have a load of information about The Show 20. Be it about new game modes in Diamond Dynasty, improvements to Road to the Show, and some new features coming to Franchise Mode.

Franchise Mode is slowly slipping into obscurity in MLB The Show as DD and RTTS become the go-to online and offline game modes, respectively.

FM is in need of some love to bring it to the level of its competitors’ franchise modes and redeem itself to its biggest fans.

SPILL THE TEA: We know the dates to circle for new info on The Show 20

In truth, the trailer didn’t tell us anything significant about franchise mode. However, the developer livestream schedule shed light on a lot of new features that have us very excited. So, what did we learn from the latest updates from San Diego studio?

Online leagues

That’s right. MLB The Show seems set to finally get online leagues that will let you complete an MLB season against your friends.

We don’t know the full extent, the only information we have is one line on the developer livestream schedule: “Simple & flexible leagues with your friends.”

According to the schedule we’ll have more information on February 27.

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The phrasing is important, though, and suggests it likely won’t be the full Franchise Mode experience. Which features will be excluded is unclear, these leagues could be as simple as basic roster control and playing through the MLB season.

Either way, considering this feature has been in EA titles for years now, it is a great sign to see it coming to The Show in some capacity.

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MiLB rosters

PROSPECTS: MiLB rosters are getting the major league treatment

For the biggest baseball fans who play MLB The Show, the lack of official MiLB rosters can take away from the experience somewhat.

If you’re after a realistic experience you’re stuck without the players you may see in your local affiliate team games.

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We don’t have much information on this, only a tease on the schedule reading: “Full minor league rosters.” Does this mean every MiLB player will be officially named with correct equipment etc?

We certainly hope so. This move would bring every prospect of your favorite team into the game and give you an unrivaled experience in terms of shaping the future of your franchise without creating custom players.

Relocation and rebranding your team

SWAG: Rebrand your favorite team

This feature has been something many gaming fans have wished to add to many sports titles. The ability to move a franchise, or simply rebrand it, is a level of personalization we have seen before but is not seen as much as many would want.

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Relocating or rebranding your franchise has been available in Madden NFL, NBA 2K and NHL games, and previous FIFA games would let you build teams to import into the game and leagues.

However, MLB The Show fans haven’t had the option to personalize their franchise in any way.

Again, the developer livestream schedule is where we get this information, so we know these will be features, we just don’t know the extent.

Will the rebrands be template based? Or will you be able to upload logos and designs? Either way, this is a huge addition to the game that should give a huge boost to Franchise Mode.  

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