MLB The Show 20: Best second basemen (2B) in Franchise Mode, RTTS, & March to October – Ozzie Albies, Jose Altuve & more

It’s tough to find a quality second basemen, but there are some teams with a star there.

It would be baseball season, but coronavirus has shut most of the world down. Fortunately, MLB The Show 20 is here to provide some action for fans!

The PS4-exclusive game has been wowing fans, you can read our review here!

Now is the perfect time to hit the diamond in Franchise Mode or jump into March To October and rack up some wins.

To do so, you’ll need a strong second baseman.

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This year’s game features excellent offline game modes. Franchise Mode, March to October, and Road to the Show are all worth your time, and each uses the same roster.

The best second basemen (2B) in MLB The Show 20

This article will be focused on the best second basemen to use in these offline modes.

We are looking for players that have their primary position as second base. We don’t care if they are lefties or righties at the plate, and we are going for players that have the highest overall possible regardless of age, contract status, or versatility.

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So who are the best second basemen in MLB The Show 20? Let’s take a look.

Ozzie Albies – 92 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b albies

The top second baseman in MLB The Show 20 is Ozzie Albies of the Atlanta Braves.

Albies brings perfect 99 contact vs L to the plate, along with 98 durability and 85 clutch. He has 92 arm accuracy and 77 fielding along with solid 73 speed.

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Jose Altuve – 91 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b altuve

Next up is Houston Astros star Jose Altuve.

The former MVP has terrific 95 contact vs L and 90 vs R, as well as reasonable 75 power vs L. He’s also got 74 arm accuracy and 73 speed.

Jonathan Villar – 91 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b villar

Jonathan Villar is the first of the more defensive second basemen.

His star stats are his 89 baserunning aggressiveness and 82 speed. That comes with 91 arm strength and 75 arm accuracy. At the plate he has 71 contact vs R and 63 vs L.

DJ LeMahieu – 91 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b lemahieu

The first of two Yankees on this list, DJ LeMahieu has a massive 2019 season to get these stats.

He has 99 contact vs L and 80 vs R. That comes with 95 clutch too. He’s also got 97 reaction and 86 fielding, but no speed (47).

Gleyber Torres – 89 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b torres

The second Yankees player is Gleyber Torres.

Torres has the power that LeMahieu lacks. With 88 vs L and 85 vs R he can launch the ball, and his contact (75 vs L, 74 vs R) is solid too.

Brandon Lowe – 87 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b lowe

Next up is Tampa Bay’s 25-year-old Brandon Lowe.

Lowe has 83 arm strength and 79 reaction, with 72 power vs R and 69 power vs L. He’s also got 83 durability and 75 fielding, but just 59 speed.

Whit Merrifield – 86 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b merrifield

One of the best second basemen last year, Whit Merrifield returns to this list.

His 99 durability is brilliant for the position, while he also has 85 contact vs R and 79 vs L as well as 91 clutch at the plate. Merrifield comes with 77 reaction, 76 fielding, and 73 speed.

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David Fletcher – 86 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b fletcher

David Fletcher is another stellar fielder at the position.

He has 96 reaction, 90 arm strength, and 88 fielding. He’s no slouch at the plate either, with 94 vision, 85 clutch, and 72 contact vs R.

Jeff McNeil – 85 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b mcneil

Jeff McNeil is a rare offensive weapon at the position.

He has 94 contact vs R and 86 vs L. Along with that there is 97 clutch and 85 vision. He also has 89 arm accuracy and 72 reaction.

Robinson Cano – 85 OVR

mlb the show 20 2b cano

A fourth New Yorker! Robinson Cano has an 85 OVR despite being 37 now.

He brings a strong 92 durability with 92 arm strength and 81 reaction. At the plate, Cano brings 78 contact vs R and 69 vs L, with 79 vision and 75 clutch.

The best 2B in MLB The Show 20

Player Team Age OVR
Ozzie Albies Atlanta Braves 23 92
Jose Altuve Houston Astros 29 91
Jonathan Villar Miami Marlins 28 91
DJ LeMahieu New York Yankees 31 91
Gleyber Torres New York Yankees 23 89
Brandon Lowe Tampa Bay Rays 25 87
Whit Merrifield Kansas City Royals 31 86
David Fletcher Los Angeles Angels 25 86
Jeff McNeil New York Mets 27 85
Robinson Cano New York Mets 37 85
Rougned Odor Texas Rangers 26 84
Starlin Castro Washington Nationals 30 84
Mike Moustakas Cincinnati Reds 31 83
Adam Frazier Pittsburgh Pirates 28 83
Kolten Wong St. Louis Cardinals 29 82
Cesar Hernandez Cleveland Indians 29 81
Dee Gordon Seattle Mariners 31 81
Brian Dozier San Diego Padres 32 81
Howie Kendrick Washington Nationals 36 80
Jason Kipnis Chicago Cubs 32 79


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