Mirror Book Club: Prince's 'unfinished' memoir and Lorraine Kelly's happiness tips

In the Mirror Book Club’s rundown of this week’s best reads, Prince’s ‘unfinished memoir’ is a must-have for his biggest fans.

Telly favourite Lorraine Kelly offers tips on getting through “glum days”.

The official companion book to TV smash Peaky Blinders traces the show’s growth from initial pitch to casting.

And best-selling thriller writer John Grisham is back once again.

Shine: Discover A Brighter You, by Lorraine Kelly

This gift book from the well-loved TV stalwart is a thoughtful, supportive guide to living your best life. Lorraine is often asked how she manages to stay so perky and energetic so she shares the insights she’s gleaned in 60 years of life experience. The book is split into three sections. Spark is “a first-aid kit for glum days”, Glow offers style and beauty tips, and Dazzle helps you develop long-term goals.

Shine by Lorraine Kelly and The Beautiful Ones by Prince

Lorraine draws freely on her own challenging life experiences from menopausal anxiety and miscarriage to discrimination. And she offers tips on everything from ageing and sleep to developing confidence and building self-esteem, as well as suggesting practical exercises to help challenge negative thinking, all delivered with her trademark warmth.

Century, £20


The Beautiful Ones, by Prince

Less than three months before his death in 2016, Prince summoned writer Dan Piepenbring to his home to begin this book, billed as Prince’s “unfinished memoir”. Every cough and spit of this encounter and their subsequent brief conversations are recalled. As we learn Prince’s thoughts on Kung Fu Panda and popcorn, the book it isn’t so much “unfinished” as barely started. This beautiful book is a must-have for Prince completists, but I’ll stick to the music.

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Century, £25


By Order of the Peaky Blinders and The Guardians

By Order Of The Peaky Blinders by Matt Allen

This official companion to the BBC TV series comes with an introduction by creator and writer Steven Knight, who based the drama on his father’s stories of the back streets of Birmingham after the First World War. The book traces the show’s growth from Knight’s first pitch to casting, and on through four series, with contributions from all key players. A must-read for fans of the ruthless Shelby clan.

Michael O’Mara Books, £20


The Guardians by John Grisham

Lawyer Cullen Post founded The Guardians, a group devoted to freeing wrongfully convicted prisoners. But headstrong Post likes to phone the people he thinks committed the murders that his clients are imprisoned for. And he gets into trouble when he takes on a case that some very dangerous men don’t want reopened. This is typical Grisham: speedy and gripping but a bit too slick to really engage the emotions.

Hodder & Stoughton, £20


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