Minecraft is coming to Xbox Game Pass next month

Developer Mojang’s seminal sandbox blockbuster Minecraft is joining the ever-growing Xbox Game Pass line-up on April 4th, Microsoft has announced.

With over 91 million players already, it’s hard to imagine there are many people left with an interest in Minecraft that don’t own it already, but for those yet to experience the game (or, I suppose, those migrating from another console onto Xbox One), Xbox Game Pass is getting the whole shebang in its Bedrock Edition guise.

So that’s yer endless survival mode, creation mode for budding tinkerers with a cube fixation, split-screen and online multiplayer, plus the Minecraft Marketplace. And, of course, Xbox Game Pass subscribers get access to Minecraft’s free content updates, such as the recent offering that introduced ADORABLE PANDAS FOR ALL, and the forthcoming Village and Pillage update.

Sadly, I have now run out of things to discuss regarding Minecraft’s April 4th arrival on Xbox Game Pass and so my words shall stop here.


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