Mina accuses former AOA bandmate of bullying and says she tried to take own life

Mina has accused a former bandmate of bullying (Picture: Instagram)

Former AOA star Mina has alleged she was bullied by a band member for years.

The 26-year-old claims that an ‘unnie’ (an older female) told her that she was ‘ruining the mood’ by crying after her father died from cancer in 2014.

Due to details shared in her Instagram posts, fans believe that Mina is talking about Jimin; however, the 29-year-old seemed to hit back at the posts in a now-deleted Instagram story simply reading ‘fiction’.

Mina, full name Kwon Min-ah, wrote: ‘After my dad passed away, when I cried in the waiting room there was an unnie who dragged me to the closet, telling me to stop crying because it was ruining the mood, and I tried to tell her that I was scared. I tried to tell her that I was scared of my dad dying. I can’t ever forget what she said to me then. 

‘Any other bullying? Any other harsh words? They’re all fine. It was such a scar but we got in the same car afterward so I forced myself to go to sleep, taking nerve relaxers and sleeping pills. I needed to do a good job with my schedules but I felt myself breaking.’

The star then explained that she had tried to take her own life during her time in the band.

Mina continued: ‘Honestly, I’m okay even if you people never respect me as an idol or an actress. I know I’m terrible, I’m not good at anything. But I was really happy, and I tried really hard. I still love being in this area of work. I was never stressed about being an idol, and in truth, I never wanted to leave AOA; but because of one person who hated me, I gave up after enduring her bullying for 10 years and at the end of it all, I wanted to turn around and curse at her.

‘In the end, I gave up AOA. I really had fun promoting as AOA with the other members. But some time ago, that unnie’s father passed away, and I felt so sad and strange. At least I know exactly how that feels. When I went to the funeral she came to my crying, telling me she was sorry. It was so unfulfilling, and my heart really broke down.’

Fans believe Mina is talking about Jimin (Picture: The FACT/Imazins via Getty Images)

Jimin’s father died from a heart attack in April 2020. 

Mina wrote: ’Everything emptied itself after that. I felt okay, I let go of the blame but by then, I was already too broken. I’m scared. I’m having some time to myself on hiatus now and I knew. I wanted to try learning a few things, maybe try to receive treatment for my depression and anxiety. But it turns out, even during a hiatus a lot of things happen.

‘I’m so tired. You know how the netizens say things online? How I don’t know who I think I am, no one knows what I’m trying to be, no one wants to see my face or hear me talk and all that, but despite that, it wasn’t like I was born because I wanted to be born, and I have a mouth, I have hands, but I can’t control myself any more either and I need to live for my mom. 

‘It’s fine if you don’t see me fondly and it’s fine if you don’t pay me any attention; can’t you just leave me alone? Because I get that everything is my fault.’

In a separate post, the Elvis singer wrote: ‘I can’t ever forget what you said to me, what you did to me, I remember everything, even if it’s fuzzy.

‘Whenever I remember all of that, I take medication and hang on. But I think the thing with my dad will stay with me forever. To unnie, it was just something you spit out at the spur of the moment but to me, it was a real scar.’

Mina left AOA last year (Picture: Noam Galai/Getty Images)

She added: ‘Even now, no one knows, not me or the other members, why did you hate me so much?’

Jimin seemingly addressed the comments by writing ‘fiction’ on her Instagram story, but immediately deleted the post.

Star News reports that Mina’s agency is in contact with her at this time.

Mina debuted with AOA in 2012 along with Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, Choa and Chanmi.

The band earned success with songs including Miniskirt and Heart Attack, and have released three albums together – Ace Of Angels, Runway and Angel’s Knock.

In 2017, Choa announced she was leaving the group due to mental health struggles, while Mina decided not to renew her contract in May 2019.

AOA have continued as a five-piece, and last year competed on the Mnet show Queendom. 

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