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Miley Cyrus reveals dad Billy Ray caused her to sustain a head injury aged two after taking her on a dirt bike

Miley Cyrus has spoken candidly about a “bad” head injury she received when she was a child, revealing father Billy Ray may have been to blame.

The 27-year-old told the story on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast that she hurt herself while on a dirt bike with the Achy Breaky Heart singer, now 59.

“It was bad…everyone’s asked me [about] that for years,” Cyrus said.

Explaining she was just two years old at the time of the incident, the Wrecking Ball singer then went into further detail.

Miley Cyrus described the ‘bad’ head injury she sustained at just two years old (AFP/Getty Images)

“He had me in a baby backpack and I was on a dirt bike with my dad. He was riding, and a tree had fallen, and he ducked, and I didn’t, and I hit my head on the tree.

“He can’t go to jail, I don’t think, because it’s a long enough time away!”

Cyrus revealed how surgery on her throat helped her go sober (AP)

Elsewhere in the forthright interview, which lasted over two hours, Cyrus explained that undergoing surgery on her vocal chords is what helped her to embrace a life of sobriety.

After she was found to have swelling of the vocal chords, Cyrus underwent surgery in November last year.

“I kind of learned a lot about the voice and how our experiences affect our voice,” she explained.

Cyrus explained she has “experienced some heavy things” in the year since she split with Liam Hemsworth (Getty Images)

“I noticed a really big change to my voice, kind of a heaviness to it. And I experienced some heavy things.”

Cyrus, who split with husband Liam Hemsworth in 2019 just a year after they married, continued: “I feel like it is a reflection. It is a kind of scar in a sense. But also kind of having the surgery was a gift because I was able to understand my instrument.

“I don’t smoke anymore, and I’m sober. I’ve been sober, pretty much the vocal surgery kind of did it for me because I just learned so much about the effects.

“You’re just taught it’s not really the drinking, it’s the staying up all night. Once you have your drink, you end up smoking.”


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