Michelle Visage to score first 40 as Zoe Ball lets slip hidden advantage?

The It Takes Two host then dropped a little clue that could mean the Drag Queen judge could snap a 40 mark on Saturday.

“Michelle was part of the Vogueing gang in New York City, she’s one of the originals,” Zoe revealed.

The Vogueing started in the 60s, where Drag Queen’s pioneered a new form of dance based on poses copied from Vogue magazine.

“She knows her stuff, so this could be so good!” Zoe hinted.

“No wonder she’s better than Gio at it,” Ian smirked as he made a sly dig at the professional dancer.

The two presenters watched Michelle and Giovanni’s training tape where she was dancing around in an underskirt that will support the dress she will wear on the night.


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