Michaela Strachan won't host Winterwatch 2021 with Chris Packham ‘Deeply saddened'

While there many not be the “same nest dramas” in winter as spring brings, there will be “magic”, Gillian teased. 

When asked whether there were any challenges to filming, she explained: “The weather is always the biggest challenge for Winterwatch, not only for us, but also the wildlife. 

“If it gets very cold then winter wildlife can be hard to find. 

“Like us, they hunker down and move as little as possible to stay warm. 

“Winter months don’t bring us the same nest dramas we get in spring, but winter comes with a magic all of its own. It can be the most beautiful season of all in the right circumstances,” she remarked. 

Winterwatch returns to BBC Two on January 19. 


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