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Michael J Fox discloses what gets him through the 'dark phases' of his Parkinson's battle

Four months later, he shattered his left arm while learning how to walk again from scratch, which took a steel plate and 19 screws to repair.

He described it as “a literal and figurative breaking point”, and was forced to quit acting last year due to the unreliability of his speech.

But while his ailments began to make him question everything, the actor on the whole he has remained positive.

The Back to the Future star, who described himself as a “genuinely happy guy”, credited his father-in-law for installing in him a constructive mindset that has helped him greatly.

In a new interview, the actor said: “As I came through that darkness, I also had an insight about my father-in-law, who had passed away, and always espoused gratitude and acceptance and confidence.


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