MH370 location: Is THIS Google Maps coordinate in Cambodia the crash site of MH370 flight?

The person posted: “So if you put in these coordinates, 12°05’18″N 104°09’27”E, you will see the plane image.

“What really haunts me is if you look at 12°05’18″N 104°09’27”E, you’ll see what looks like an image of an arrow that points right, directly to the wreckage as if the survivors made this in the mountain to point to the pane to help us find them.”

Another Redditor, CanadianCoder77, commented: “Great find, would be amazing if it is the aircraft. Those poor families need closure.”

Most were, however, not convinced by the startling discovery, pointing towards a stacking amount of evidence suggesting this is not the missing MH370 flight.

It is far more likely the aircraft in question was an intact aeroplane passing over this part of the Cambodian jungle when the Google photo was snapped.


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