Method Teams With World Showdown Esports For World of Warcraft Classic Race to World First

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  • Method has unveiled plans to broadcast 24/7 coverage of World of Warcraft Classic upon release. 
  • The event will be streamed live from Las Vegas and produced in partnership with Estars Studios’ World Showdown of Esports. 
  • Numerous WoW influencers and top pros including Scott “Sco” McMillan and “Esfand” will participate.

Esports organization Method is again attempting to leverage a World of Warcraft content release to generate viewership on Twitch, this time for World of Warcraft Classic.

Teaming with Estars Studios’ multi-game tournament series World Showdown of Esports (WSOE), Method will broadcast 24-hour coverage on the main Method and WSOE channels.

The streaming coverage, live from Las Vegas, will include a plethora of influencers and WoW professionals who are attempting to be the “World First” to level their personal characters to the game’s maximum level (60), as well as be the first group to kill the game’s final raid bosses, Ragnaros and Onyxia. 

“Being able to bring the Classic Race To World First to the WSOE calendar of events in Las Vegas is incredibly exciting for all of us at Method. After three Race To World First events in Europe, it feels fantastic to bring an event to U.S. soil,” said Shanna “Darrie” Roberts, Method GM. “The passion of the Classic WoW fanbase is unparalleled and we are confident that Estars Studios is going to help us not only live up to the expectations of the fans, but exceed them.”

This event differs from previous Method broadcasts and world first “races” due largely to the fact that all players will be starting with completely new characters, unlike the raid races that have become popular on Twitch in the past year. Additionally, all of the content in the game is a direct replica of what WoW had when it was originally released in 2004.

Notable players that are participating in streaming their perspective include popular WoW personality “Esfand” and Scott “Sco” McMillan, as well as a number of players known for their skill as top-level raiders and some who are known for their following on Twitch. 

Additionally, the broadcast will have a desk of commentators for the “race” that will include a range of talent including Mike “Preach” Lamb, JB “Jdotb” Daniel, and Adam “Finalboss” Knych, among others.

This event marks an expansion from the traditional raid races that have rapidly gained attention over the past year, and if successful, would signal added potential to what Method, and other top WoW organizations, could do to generate an audience and attention for WoW on a grassroots or third-party level.


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