Mercari launches "Mercari Authenticate" service to help with luxury resale

Mercari has introduced new technology that allows it to compete
with big players like The RealReal or Rebag. An online secondhand
marketplace that allows users to buy and sell clothing and lifestyle
items, Mercari has launched a new tool to allow shoppers more security
when buying designer handbags through the platform.

Called “Mercari Authenticate,” the new tool uses a third party to
provide sellers with professional authentication on designer handbags
they are selling. This will allow buyers more security when purchasing
items in this category, therefore allowing sellers with more
likelihood of success through Mercari. Each listing that have been
authenticated will appear in the app with a diamond icon to notify

Mercari Authenticate is available for handbags sold for 300 dollars
or more. Sellers must pay 15 dollars for the service and will receive
authentication in just 48 hours, without needing to ship their item
out for inspection.

This tool will allow Mercari a more competitive angle in the luxury
resale market, which depends on authentication of products. The
RealReal utilizes a team of staffed authentication experts who examine
items in person, while growing reseller Rebag has recently launched a digital tool that
determines the current market value of a luxury handbag within

The Mercari Authenticate service utilizes independent, professional
authenticators who will assess each handbag using in-app photos and
other data. As the authenticators function completely independently of
Mercari’s business, they are unbiased with no incentive to deliver a
certain verdict.

“The surging popularity of resale in the U.S. is bringing a wave of
luxury goods to platforms like Mercari, and buyers’ need for trust
understandably increases with an item’s price,” John Lagerling,
Mercari’s U.S. CEO, said in a statement. “Until now, though,
authentication has been slow and expensive. Mercari Authenticate makes
the process much easier, opening it up to novice or occasional


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