Mel B brands Spice Girls bandmate Geri ‘annoying’ and ‘bats*** crazy’

The Spice Girls tour is set to kick off next month, but Mel B has thrown ANOTHER spanner in the works by branding Geri Horner ‘bats*** crazy’.

Tensions between Ginger and Scary have been running high ever since Mel B claimed to have had sex with Geri in an interview for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

‘She is going to hate me for this because she is all posh with her country house and her husband, but it’s a fact,’ she told Piers. ‘It wasn’t a thing. It just happened.’

Geri slammed Mel’s claims in a statement that branded the rumours ‘disappointing’, ’hurtful’ and ‘simply not true’.

But Mel refused to back down, telling Australian radio station Australia 2Day: ‘It was just one thing that happened one night.’

‘It was a little thing and we giggled about it the next day,’ she continued. ‘That’s that. It’s not a big deal, especially not in this day and age.’

Emma Bunton a.k.a. Baby Spice was quick to try and smooth things over, insisting: ‘It’s all fine. We have all chatted about it.’

But now yet another awkward moment from that already-infamous interview has been unearthed.

‘I love Geri to bits, but she’s bats*** crazy,’ Mel told Piers. ‘I’m crazy in just like a humble northern way. Geri’s crazy in a different way.’

And she admitted that she’d put her foot in it with her bandmate before, revealing that in the Spice Girls group chat: ‘We just say regular stuff like, “How are the kids?” and, “Do you agree with this contract?” and, “Oh, Geri’s really annoying me.”

‘”Me too.” Oops, it’s on group text. I forget sometimes.’

She also branded former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham ‘a bit of a b***h’ for opting out of the tour.

‘I mean, us five were together and now we’re going on tour as four, you know, thank you for that,’ she continued.

We can’t wait to see that interview in full when the episode finally airs later this month!


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