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Megan Barton Hanson opens up after being hospitalised over severe allergic reaction to hair dye

Megan Barton Hanson has revealed that she experienced a severe allergic reaction after dyeing her hair at home, which prompted her face to swell up and made it difficult to open her eyes.

The former Love Island contestant opened up about the frightening ordeal in an appearance on This Morning to raise awareness about the potential dangers of hair dye.

Barton Hanson revealed that she had decided to darken her hair with a box kit ahead of a planned trip to Coachella festival. 

“I was so extremely blonde so it took a few dyes,” she told presenters Rochelle Humes and John Barrowman.

Reaction: Megan Barton Hanson’s face swelled up after she used a box dye kit (Rex Features)

“I already had a semi-permanent and a permanent over the top and I thought ‘right, I’m flying out in a few days, let me just grab a box dye from the local supermarket.’

“All I did was put it on my natural hair, the top bit and underneath.”

Shortly after using the dye, Barton Hanson’s throat began to feel “really sore” and her face “started to swell.” She initially ignored the symptoms as she assumed she was “getting ill” or “run down”.

“I got an early night, woke up at 12,” she continued. “My hands were really chubby, my face was really swollen and tight. And then I woke up again at five and literally, I could barely open my eyes, it was so bad.”

The 25-year-old was left shocked by her appearance, and was worried that she would be spotted by members of the public “with a massive moon head” as she headed to the doctors.

Blonde: Barton Hanson previously sported a much lighter hair colour (SplashNews.com)

When Barton Hanson’s mother arrived at the surgery, she “walked in and burst out crying,” the star revealed, adding that her Uber driver had been “scared” and asked her: “What the hell’s happened to your face?”

“I must have been in the room talking 15 minutes and because my hand was so heavy and tight I was leaning my head and [the doctor] was like ‘Move your hand,’ and she was like ‘We need to call an ambulance,’” she revealed.

Barton Hanson broke her silence on the health scare last week, telling Instagram followers that she had “never been so scared” as when the “shocked” doctor said she needed an ambulance “right now.”

“Finally starting to feel a little more human again, I’ve never been so scared!” she captioned her post.

“When the doctor looks at you in shock and says we need to call an ambulance right now, a day before I was due to fly to LA.”

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