Mega-rich Prem clubs will offer lower league strugglers cash to avoid another Bury situation

MEGA-RICH  Premier  League clubs  will  offer  lower-league strugglers extra cash in the hope there will be no repeat of Bury’s demise.

Manchester United are among a number of teams ready to palm off some of the jaw-dropping money from domestic TV deals to stop clubs outside the top flight going bust.

 Bury were expelled from the EFL after owner Steve Dale failed to agree a sale by the Tuesday deadline


Bury were expelled from the EFL after owner Steve Dale failed to agree a sale by the Tuesday deadlineCredit: � Harry McGuire. All rights reserved.

League One Bury went out of business on Tuesday after owner Steve Dale failed to agree a sale.

Despite United’s enormous wealth, they want to preserve the spirit of competition in English football and save the integrity of the clubs across all four divisions.

However, the idea would still need to be voted through by 14 of the 20 Premier League members for it to happen.

A Prem club source said: “We know we need to do something to help less well-off clubs.

“It is clear there is too much of a discrepancy between those at the top and those further down the ladder.”

Each top-flight club earned an equal £34.3million share of the UK broadcast rights last season — from a staggering total pot of £686m.

However, Championship sides only receive a derisory £4.5m in the form of solidarity payments from the Premier League.

The figure drops to £675,000 for League One clubs and £460,000 for those in League Two.

Now Prem clubs — also alarmed by Bolton going into administration before this week’s rescue — hope to boost those figures.

Top-flight teams are also concerned by the amount of cash being spent by Championship teams desperate to hit the jackpot with promotion.

Bury star Stephen Dawson confirms he will have to sell house after club wound up


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