Meet the couple who left their jobs and home behind to embrace full-time van life

The couple took their 11-year-old cat, Rosie, to travel with them (Credits: @callumandtash / Caters News)

Ever wanted to quit your job, buy a van and drive off into the sunset with nothing to worry about except where to travel to next?

One young couple did exactly that.

After quitting their jobs and renting out their two-bedroom home in Bournemouth, Callum Russel, 30, Tash Lock, 28, and their 11-year-old cat, Rosie, transitioned to full-time van life.

Inspired by Instagram, the pair bought a van from Facebook Marketplace for £6,900 in October 2019 and began the renovation process just a month later.

The whole project took 15 months and cost the couple a further £5,653.

‘We were never truly finished until we set off in April 2021, due to our busy work schedules and the impact of the pandemic,’ Tash said.

‘Over the 15 months of renovation work, there was a lot to do in order to get the van the way we wanted.’

The van now includes a kitchen, a comfortable seating area and a bed.

The couple to 15 months to renovate their van (Credits: @callumandtash / Caters News)

Tash continued: ‘The only thing we do not have on board is a functioning toilet and shower area, which we counteract by using nearby public facilities.

‘The only thing at the moment I would say we miss is perhaps regular hot water as we opted not to install a combi-boiler, but it’s really not an issue as we have a kettle on board to boil water if needs be.

‘We also have our own batteries and solar panels to give us electricity, so we save a lot of money each month on unnecessary expenditures.’

Despite the initial investment, the couple say they are now saving around £1,000 a month.

Since Callum quit his job as a marketing and advertising worker and Tash was made redundant from her retail job in the December 2020, the pair rely on their rental income and Tash’s new business venture.

Tash explains: ‘I was furloughed for most of lockdown and decided to create a small business, called, selling handmade crafts.

‘Before long, the business started to do really well, and it gave us another outlet to fund our lifestyle which has been amazing.’

They’ve been on the road since April this year and, so far, have no regrets.

‘It has been an incredible journey so far and we have loved every minute,’ says Callum.

He continues: ‘If you are the sort of person who is willing to give up modern conveniences for a more fulfilling life, I would say it’s a small price
to pay for being able to live the way we do.

‘Every day is something new, it’s incredible.’

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