Meet Smooch, the three-legged cat with a heart on his bum

He knows how to work the camera. (Picture: Jam Press)

Everybody, this is Smooch.

The adorable cat stands out for a number of reasons – not only for the perfect heart shape on his bum, but also because he now only has three legs. 

Smooch loves nothing more than a slice of chicken from Sunday lunch, turkey or even prawns for his dinner  – but he’s never let out a single purr.

The 10-year-old cat was originally rescued by Cathrine Garnell, from Nottinghamshire, who found Smooch as a feral kitten in her mum’s garden – along with his feline mum and five siblings.

Initially, the kittens made themselves at home under the family’s shed, but 53-year-old Cathrine knew the animals deserved better – so transformed it into a cat house.

She told Jam Press: ‘After I began to feed them, I was slowly able to gain their trust over time.

‘This enabled me to move them into the shed, where I made them all little cat houses complete with comfy beds, to try and provide them with the best possible cat life.

‘Once they were all old enough, I was able to take them to our local veterinary clinic and have them all neutered.’

So majestic. (Picture: Jam Press/@bionicbasil)

But sadly, at 18 months old, Smooch was involved in a car accident – which resulted in him losing his back leg.

Cathrine said: ‘Unfortunately, his back leg was so badly damaged, the vets were unable to save it and it had to be amputated. He is now tri-pawed.

‘After his surgery, I took him back to my mum’s house for a few weeks where we kept him inside.

‘I knew once he was fully healed and able to roam free again, there was a strong likelihood he would try and cross the busy main road again. I feared next time he may not be so fortunate.’

The event prompted Cathrine to move Smooch into her family home in a quiet village – to live with her five former shelter cats: Amber, Parsley, Fudge, Pandora and Melvyn.

He’s now tri-pawed – but that doesn’t stop him. (Picture: Jam Press/@bionicbasil)

It was only after the move she noticed his unusual fur markings. 

She adds: ‘I didn’t notice the cute little heart on his side for quite a while, it wasn’t until one night when he was sitting a certain way that I noticed for the very first time.

‘When he is standing it looks like a figure eight or an infinity sign. I was amazed, seeing his little heart appear was so adorable.

‘Smooch is such a cute little cat, and he really lives up to his name. He adores cuddles, ear scratches, and is extremely affectionate.’

Despite only having three legs, Smooch is quite the escape artist, having jumped over Cathrine’s six-foot fence to visit kittens next door.

Cathrine posts regular updates of her moggies – which she’s nicknamed ‘The B Team’ – over on her blog and on her Instagram @bionicbasil.

So you can soak up more Smooch content there.

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