McDonald’s is introducing vegan McNuggets in Norway

(Picture: McDonald’s)

This year has been big for vegan fast food – there was the vegan happy meal and the Gregg’s sausage roll.

Well now, there’s another vegan McDonald’s option – the vegan nuggets.

Unfortunately, it is only available in Norway at the moment.

The nuggets are a mix of mashed potato, chickpeas, onions, carrots and corn.

They are then coated in breadcrumbs and friend until crispy.

The nuggets are offered as a Happy Meal option and as a nine pack on the menu.

It’s not the first vegan option by McDonald’s though.

In 2017, the McVegan burger was launched in Finland – and when we tried it, it got a pretty positive review.

(Picture: McDonald’s)

Earlier this year, McDonald’s in the UK launched the veggie Happy Meal containing a veggie wrap, made up of a red pesto goujon, tomato ketchup, and shredded lettuce, wrapped in a soft toasted tortilla.

For grown-ups there’s a standalone wrap with two goujons.

Although not labelled as vegan, animal products are not used in the making of the meal but the wraps do pass through the same toaster as the buns that contain milk and there is a risk of contamination.

Mari Husby, Senior Marketing Manager at Food Folk Norway, who own McDonald’s in the Scandinavian country, says customers want more meat-free options.

He explains: ‘We want to give our customers the best possible selection, and to listen to their wishes and needs.

‘We are committed to listen to our customers and offer products that suit everyone, including giving more variety to the choice of protein. By launching vegetarian nuggets in Happy Meal we give vegetarian alternatives to the youngest as well.

‘Some want to reduce or cut the intake of meat, while others see the value of getting more vegetables in the kids.

‘For us it is important that customers have some predictability when they come to us, a McDonald’s visit should be something to look forward to, and by offering a wider range of vegetarian products in all restaurants, it doesn’t matter which of our 72 restaurants you visiting.’

There’s no sign of the vegan nuggets being launched in the UK but hopefully the fast food company will keep expanding the veggie and vegan options here too.

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