Maya Jama tried lymphatic drainage as part of her beauty prep for the Brit Awards – but what actually is it? And does it work?

Maya Jama is known to love beauty treatments (she’s even created her own brand of face masks), but the latest one she’s raving about is lymphatic drainage massage that she booked in for ahead of her appearance at the Brit Awards 2022.

Taking to her Instagram, Maya posted a video of her during an appointment with self-professed lymphatic drainage queen Flavia Morellato, who used expert massage techniques on Maya’s stomach to shift any water retention and help contour and tighten.

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Maya’s not the only one who’s loving it – lymphatic drainage massage is having a real moment. From Ellie Goulding to Millie Mackintosh, wellness aficionados have been taking to social media to praise the wellness treatment, so what exactly is it and what are the benefits? 

We caught up with Flavia to give us a full rundown of the treatment everyone’s talking about…

So what exactly is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage used to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is part of our circulatory and immune systems. Through lymphatic drainage, we stimulate the lymph nodes, accelerating the process of detoxing our body and eliminating excess water. Through the lymphatic system, we control the amount of water that our body retains or releases.

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Who can benefit from lymphatic drainage?

Anyone can benefit from lymphatic drainage. Those looking for a detox, speeding up blood circulation, metabolism, lymphatic system; those feeling tired, puffy, bloated, constipated, facing menopause, PMS, hormonal imbalance and other pregnancy, postpartum and post-surgery treatments.

What are the main health benefits?

Some of the benefits of full-body lymphatic drainage include – but are not limited to – speeding up the lymphatic system and body circulation, detoxing the body, and boosting the immune and digestive systems, therefore, making you feel lighter and healthier.

It is becoming popular during pregnancy, how does this work and what are the benefits?

Lymphatic drainage is highly recommended during any time of pregnancy; however, it is most recommended after the first trimester.

It is very common to have oedemas in pregnancy because of the pressure the uterus puts on the pelvic and cava veins (those which receive blood from the inferior body parts). This slows down blood circulation, and with a slower blood flow, the pregnant woman’s body sends more water to these parts of the body, increasing the volume of liquids, which causes accumulation of fluids and swelling. Typically, the most affected areas are the legs, ankles, and feet, but arms and hands can also be affected.

Liquid retention can also occur due to hormonal alterations caused by pregnancy itself, which facilitates the absorption of sodium and leads to problems such as varicose veins and obesity due to the heat or even due to the use of tight clothing and shoes.


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