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Matt Baker: ‘We have chemistry’ The One Show star's former co-host addresses relationship

Matt Baker, 41, and Konnie Huq, 44, started their TV careers together on Blue Peter. The duo hosted the BBC show together for 10 years and are still good friends to this day. Konnie recently opened up about their TV partnership exclusively to Express.co.uk and gushed about how much she “loves” working with the Countryfile star. When asked if she was eyeing up a role with Matt on The One Show, she admitted: “I love presenting anything with Matt because we have such natural rapport and chemistry.

“So I’d never say never to doing anything with him but it’s already taken that job at the moment.”

Addressing the programme’s changing presenting line-up, she added: “It seems like a different person every time you tune in. 

“Most programmes seem like that at the moment because everyone’s off on their summer holidays.”

The One Show is currently featuring a host of guest presenters including Stacey Dooley, 32, and Emma Willis, 43, to replace regular star Alex Jones, 42, while she takes time off for her maternity leave.

Konnie also revealed Matt is supporting her in her new venture as she publishes her first children’s book, Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World.

The TV personality said in reference to The One Show favourite: “His kids have read it and they loved it.”

The mum-of-two, who is married to Black Mirror creator Charlier Brooker, 48, also shared her seven-year-old son Covey Brooker Huq’s reaction to her work.

She divulged: “My seven-year-old, it’s his favourite book. I asked, ‘Is that because you’re biased because mummy wrote it?’ and he assures me that is not the case. 

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“He genuinely believes it’s his favourite book and who am I not to believe my own flesh and blood?”

Konnie went on to reflect on her most memorable moments from working on Blue Peter.

She said: “I wouldn’t have said I was the best swimmer and then on my Blue Peter years I ended up doing underwater hockey, swimming and scuba diving.

“I ended up almost being their water correspondent so it was on the job learning.”

The presenter admitted she “pretended” she was “invincible” and able to tackle various activities when she interviewed for the role on the show.

Konnie continued: “When you interview for the job, you pretend you can do everything, you’re like, ‘Yeah I can do that, I’m invincible’ and really you haven’t done anything.

“Then you get this job and you’re like, ‘Oh dear!’ But it’s fun being thrown in the deep end.”

She also explained how her experiences on the programme have inspired her writing, adding: “In book two for instance there’s a bit where Cookie falls off the zip wire and I did royal marines training and I fell off their zip wire. All of the experiences are true to life that I’ve put in there.”

Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World by Konnie Huq is out now and Konnie will be presenting her special Cookie themed event at Edinburgh Literature Festival today.


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