Matt Baker and Alex Jones have hosted The One Show together since 2011, and the friends and colleagues are popular with viewers. But last week the latter was seen snapping at her co-star after he got the giggles live on air.

It all came about as the daily magazine show looked into website, which offers discounts at thousands of restaurants, but some had claimed it wasn’t as it seemed.

Matt, 42, struggled to hold it together as he read out a statement, involving a rather unusual name.

His companion, Alex, 45, was left playfully hitting him with her prompt cards as she urged him to “hold it in”.

As the father-of-two spoke about one establishment in particular, which due to its title alone left him struggling to continue.

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“It goes on,” Matt told those watching at home. “Porky Pig Carvery says its staff member…”

He then was seen seemingly trying to stifle his giggles, as he tried to go on: “Didn’t have the authority to sign them up and does not work for them anymore.”

Ever the professional, Alex continued: “ says the restaurants listed are free to cancel at anytime and it’s now contacting all restaurants to check their offers are still valid and will do that once every 12 months.

“Any customers who have been left out of pocket should contact them for a refund.”

Meanwhile, it comes just days after Matt Baker’s former Countryfile co-star Ben Fogle spoke out about whether he would consider replacing him, following the announcement that he will be leaving The One Show later this year.

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The former recently announced his decision to quit after fronting the programme for nine years.

His replacement has not yet been revealed by the BBC, but Ben, 46, has taken his name out of the running.

Speaking exclusively to, the Animal Park host admitted he prefers to avoid being in a studio and suggested Matt’s role wouldn’t suit him.



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