Marty Scurll: 'Everyone agrees I should have won the Ring of Honor world title'

Marty Scurll has refused to comment on his future with Ring of Honor but says he’ll continue to “make waves in the wrestling world”.

‘The Villain’ is rumoured to be coming to the end of his contract with the U.S. promotion and to have been approached by both WWE and AEW .

The 31-year-old, from Cambridgeshire, has been an integral part of the ROH roster since making his debut during the company’s UK tour in 2016.

During that time he’s won the ROH TV Title and is currently a ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champion alongside his stablemates PCO and Brody King.

While the Brit hasn’t been able to capture the ROH World Championship , he’s vowed to put himself back in the title picture at Death Before Dishonor tomorrow.

Ahead of his match with Colt Cobana at the event in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday night, he chatted exclusively to Mirror Sport’s Tony Quant.

Scurll discussed his thoughts on his time with ROH, what it’s like working with PCO and Brody King, Death By Dishonor and much more.

It’s three years since you joined ROH and there’s a lot of speculation about your contract expiring at the end of the year. Can you give an update on the situation and have you been in talks with ROH about extending it?

As a business man running a huge enterprise, it wouldn’t be smart for me to discuss my potential business decisions with a journalistic tabloid. That being said, I certainly aim to make waves in the wrestling world, and continue to raise Villain Enterprises stock through the roof.

How do you evaluate your time at ROH so far and what have been your highlights?

ROH has been a great home for me. I’ve had some of my greatest wrestling experiences here. To me it has potential to be everything wrestling should be. I’ve been the biggest star here for a long time. But there’s still a lot I need to achieve – I think everyone agrees I should have won the world championship at MSG – now it’s time to right those wrongs.

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Colt Cobana faces Marty Scurll and Ring of Honor Death by Dishonor

ROH has opened up the opportunity to work with a number of international talents. Who if anyone has been the biggest influence on you since joining ROH?

I’ve wrestled everyone and anyone. You name them, I’ve wrestled them. I always think it’s unique how you can have a show in a venue, and had a collection of different talent from all over the world, different backgrounds, different cultures, and all come together to put on this amazing show called pro wrestling. That to me is what ROH should be about. Give me the best damn talent out there.


We interviewed PCO in March and he stated that joining Villain Enterprises was a key reason why he signed with ROH. How has it been working with him and Brody King?

Working with Brody King, PCO and now Flip [Gordon] has been a real treat. It has given me the chance to take leadership and take the Villain character in new directions. All three are so talented and unique and are the exact type of talent I want on my team.

Pierre Carl Ouellet (left), Marty Scurll (centre) and Brody King (right) aka Villain Enterprises

It’s an unusual trio but it has worked very well – what do you think has been the key reason behind the success? 

It’s been successful because we all know what we’re doing. We’re the best in ROH. We’re over. We’re what the fans want. And that’s the most important thing – the fans getting their money’s worth. When they see PCO take a crazy bump, Brody bust out big man lucha, Flip doing an insane dive or the Villain breaking fingers, they are getting their money’s worth.

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This coming Friday at Death Before Dishonor you will take on Colt Cabana in the first round of the number one contender tournament. On the opposite side of the bracket is your team mate PCO. Do you hope to see some inter-stable matches and if so, what are your thoughts on working against a member of Villain Enterprises?

I want PCO in the final. Get two villains in the final kicking each other’s arse. That’s money. Like Freddy versus Jason!

Pierre Carl Ouellet (right) has allied himself with Marty Scurll (centre) and Brody King (left) in Villain Enterprises in Ring of Honor

The main event of Death Before Dishonor sees Matt Taven defend the world title against Rush. Do you have a preference as to who wins?

I hope Rush wins as I think a Rush versus Villain main event is damn money.

We have seen UK talent – Mark Haskins and Joe Hendry – join you in ROH. Do you still keep an eye on the British scene and what other talent from the UK would you like to see join the ROH roster?

I like Aussie Open, who are on the UK tour, and Chris Brookes. ROH should sign all three.

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You’ve been announced to take part in the ROH UK tour next month. How does it feel coming back to the UK and are you surprised at the response you get when you return?

I’m exciting for this tour and I’m positive it’s going to be three amazing shows. I’ve seen the cards and they are stacked. Bandido, PCO, Brody, Rush, Cobb, Villain… man what a roster. We have guys debuting too, like Speedball Mike Bailey and Aussie Open. I’m super excited to have them on the shows. These shows are going to be some of the best this year and I’m so happy I get to share that with my UK fan base.


You seem to have settled into the US way of living very well, but are there any home comforts that you miss?

Put it this way, when I come home for the ROH UK tour, I’ll be visiting Nando’s daily!

Aussie Open face Villain Enterprises on the forthcoming ROH UK tour

A number of your close personal friends are now the faces of AEW. Can you share your thoughts on the success of AEW to date, and do you see the product converting to a weekly TV show?

All my friends are dead. What the f*** is AEW?

ROH Death Before Dishonor airs LIVE from Las Vegas on Friday, September 27 at 9pm eastern time [2am in the UK on Saturday, September 28] on traditional pay-per-view providers, free for HonorClub VIP, and on FITE TV.

Please visit or the ROH App for more information.

The ROH Honor United 2019 tour kicks off in London on October 25, before heading to Newport on October 26, and Bolton on October 27.

Tickets are available here

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