Marti Pellow would 'have a word' with drug addicted past self if he could

Marti Pellow said he would have a word with his drug addicted self if he could go back in time.

The former Wet Wet Wet frontman was answering fans questions about his new album Stargazer when he was asked if there was any life advice he’d give to himself.

He answered that there would be some ‘fashion faux pas and haircuts’ he would question ,

But on a more serious note, he added: “There’s obvious things that have happened to me in my life, through various things like my addictions problems.”

“It would be great to be able come back and have a little word in that particular phase of my life and maybe say very much so ‘Don’t do that’ but I think life is for living and it will throw you curveballs. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing.

“I think all those things that happen to you in life make you the man you are. Good, bad, indifferent.

“You learn from them. It’s the whole part of growing up There is pain amongst the joy but that’s what you want from your life.”

Martin also revealed that one of his new songs Diamond is about ‘all the pressures people find on the internet and the apps to look perfect’.

He explained that the only thing that cuts a diamond is itself, adding: “It’s a problem that is very rife in our society today -body image.

“I remember dealing with issues myself, my addictions and all the people who would self harm and I always found that quite powerful they would do that. “

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You’d always see them and think ‘What have you got to worry about. You are absolutely beautiful.

“It would upset me. It’s only society or youth culture that say you should conform or look this way… and that’s not the truth.

“You are perfect the way you are and when you are born in to this world, that’s it. Let that all go. “


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