Mark Ruffalo says he's relieved he can no longer spoil 'Avengers: Endgame' for fans

But not everyone has seen it yet, Mark

Mark Ruffalo has revealed that he’s relieved he can no longer spoil Avengers: Endgame for fans.

While the wait for the new Avengers movie has had fans at their wits’ end, it appears it’s been a pretty tense ride for the actors too, who have had to do everything in their power to avoid revealing spoilers.

Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner/Hulk in the franchise, is notorious for letting things slip, so much so that Don Cheadle (Jim Rhodes/War Machine) said he refused to do any promotion with him. But now the movie is finally out, Mark feels like he can rest easy.

Last night, Ruffalo took to Twitter to reveal he’s relieved he no longer has to worry about spoiling the movie for fans. “Now that #AvengersEndgame is out in the world, you all can finally live without the fear of me spoiling it,” he said.

The thing is, Mark might be forgetting that not everyone in the world saw the movie on opening day. With that said, it might be advised to stay away from the actor’s social media channels for a while, or at least until you’ve seen the movie if you don’t want your Avengers experience to be ruined.

Avengers: Endgame has now finally hit cinemas – and it seems that the superhero epic is winning near universal approval.

In a five star review, NME’s Olly Richards wrote: “Whether your heart belongs to the original team or one of the newbies, you’ll see them get their time to shine. You will almost certainly cry. Probably more than once,” our review stated.

“Is it the best comic-book movie ever? The Dark Knight could give it a very good fight, but Endgame has more fighters on its team. It might just win.”

Marvel’s epic conclusion to the Infinity Saga also currently boasts an impressive score of 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, after receiving some 107 “fresh” reviews and 4 “rotten”.


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