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Mark Austin Twitter: Sky News presenter hits out at Piers Morgan for ‘flash yacht’ holiday

Mark Austin, 60, criticised Piers Morgan, 54, in view of his 73,000 Twitter followers amid a heated debate about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s, 55, decision to suspend parliament. The Sky News presenter spoke out about Piers’ luxurious trip to the South of France after spotting an exchange between Piers and Gary Lineker, 58, about the “elite” controlling politics. The argument between the Match of the Day host and the Good Morning Britain star kicked off when Gary shared a tweet about the PM’s Brexit move with his 7.3 million followers this morning. The football pundit wrote: “The government’s argument that they’re doing this for democracy is remarkably undemocratic.”

Piers quickly weighed in on Gary’s opinion on the situation and accused him of ignoring the results of the Brexit vote.

He replied in view of his own 6.8 million followers: “Says the man who has howled for 3yrs that we should ignore the result of a democratic vote…”

However, Gary denied the outspoken star’s claims as he responded: “Never have I said that we should ignore the result. That indeed would be undemocratic. 

“We could though look at the crooked, lying nature of how it was sold to us back then by the elite now dictating (literally) and decide as a democratic country if that’s still what we want.”

In spite of the BBC favourite’s restrained suggestion, Piers refused to back down and brought Gary’s salary into the spat. 

The GMB host fumed: “Mate, it doesn’t get more elite than you… as BBC licence fee payers know to our cost.”

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Mark then took the opportunity to step in and defend Gary in the heated conversation.

He retweeted Piers’ post and added the caption in reference to the presenter’s summer break: “Says the bloke who’s spending much of August on a flash yacht in the South of France.”

Piers was unimpressed with Mark’s argument and made a dig at the journalist in response by replying: “Says the bloke who wishes he could afford to…”

Fans took to the comments section of Mark’s tweet to share their thoughts on the debate between the presenters.

Some agreed with the Sky Sports star, with one person writing: “His Instagram is pretty sickly right now!”

Another Twitter user added: “Yeah, more faces than Big Ben will be how @piersmorgan is remembered…”

Others sided with Piers, as one quizzed Mark: “What’s wrong with spending HIS OWN MONEY on a yacht? He works so don’t see the problem.”

“Ah the green eyed monster shows his face,” a second fan commented.(sic)

Yesterday, Piers branded Remainers “democracy-destroyers” on Twitter after critics suggested the Prime Minister was attempting to prevent MPs from blocking a no-deal Brexit.

The GMB presenter wrote in view of his 6.8 million followers: “Remoaners intent on thwarting the result of the democratic EU referendum are FURIOUS at Prime Minister Johnson moving to prorogue Parliament – because they say it’s ‘anti-democratic’. 

“Awww… suck it up democracy-destroyers.”

Boris Johnson recently said it was “completely untrue” he was planning to deny time to MPs to debate Britain’s exit from the EU.


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