Marilyn Monroe will: Who did Marilyn Monroe leave her HUGE fortune to?

He inherited all her personal items and clothing, as well as 75 percent of her residuary estate, which was anything left after her main bequests.

Monroe left $10,000 to her half sister, Bernie Miracle, and the same to her personal secretary, May Reis.

She also left $5,000 each to her friends, Norman and Hedda Rosten, while also leaving $100,000 to be held in trust for her mother, Gladys Baker, and Xenia Chekhov, the surviving spouse of her friend and acting coach Michael Chekhov.

Baker was to receive $5,000 a year, while Xenia was to receive $2,500 a year, and the balance of the trust was to go to her New York psychiatrist Dr Marianne Kris after Baker and Chekhov died.


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