Margaret Thatcher rises from her grave in Doom mod Thatcher’s Techbase

The Cyberdemon has never looked more terrifying (pic: Jim Purvis)

The late former Prime Minister and widely despised Margaret Thatcher is to lead the hordes of Hell in a new fan mod of Doom.

Gaming has many memorable villains but none more so than the focus of new Doom mod Thatcher’s Techbase, which has the ex-PM rising from her grave and invading 80s Britain with her demonic pals.

‘Faced with the return of one of humanity’s greatest threats, you have no choice but to head to The Tenth Circle of Hell: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’, reads the intro to the game (which is itself a parody of The Rise of Skywalker).

What could’ve been just a five-second joke has actually had a ton of effort put into it, with new graphics, a recreation of the House of Commons, and Thatcher’s head on some of Doom’s most famous end of levels bosses.

The mod features lots of custom art, including what looks like cans of Tennents and packets of Silk Cut as power-ups, plenty of Union Flags, and regular Doom enemies painted a Tory blue colour.

Although creator Jim Purvis is responsible for the majority of the game he’s had help with the artwork, as well as getting the composer of Paradise Killer on board for the music and a voiceover from Laila Berzins – who was Demeter and Persephone in Hades.

Perform your own cabinet reshuffle (pic: Jim Purvis)

Doom’s iconic arsenal of weapons have also been given an 80s Britain makeover, including the new Trident Launcher and BFG 1990. There’s a proper single-player campaign too, as well as co-op and multiplayer options using the new graphics and guns.

Fan-created mods of Doom have been around as long as the game itself but since it uses id Software’s game as its base Purvis isn’t trying to charge for the mod, which will be free to download from GitHub when it launches on Friday, September 24.

What he is suggesting though is that you donate to charities such as the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, Stonewall, and the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation.

As Purvis states, the game is dedicated to ‘everyone Margaret Thatcher hated’ and ‘everyone who hated Margaret Thatcher’.

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