Manifest Season 2 Ending Explained

And speaking of Griffin, a new theory has arisen now that we’ve seen Zeke miraculously recover from his frostbitten death date. Could it be that Griffin drowned in the middle of New York City 82 hours and 8 minutes after he reappeared in season one because he used his powers for evil? And did Zeke conquer his deadline specifically by complying so completely with the mission to save Cal despite the danger it posed to his health? Is blind faith in the callings the answer? Remember, Adrian’s theory about the passengers being “agents of the apocalypse” has been discarded by Ben, but we can’t discount the fact that Grace’s life was placed in danger just so that a calling could save her.

Perhaps Manifest viewers have already decided where along the “all things work together for good” spectrum their loyalties lie, but there are still plenty of unknowns remaining that we have to try and explain. What, for example, had the Major discovered that she had Saanvi’s medical license revoked to keep her from finding in her own research? Presumably her covert defense initiative is closer to exploiting the prophetic visions caused by the genetic anomaly even after the death of Major Kathryn Fitz (if she’s actually dead), but is it still important for Saanvi to continue her investigations now that Zeke has cured himself through more mystical means?

It’s more likely that Saanvi will turn towards her own self-preservation, and government operatives will be seeking her out to hold her accountable for murder while continuing the Major’s work. We also can’t forget the Major’s interest in Cal and now young Eden as an offspring that has inherited the genetic anomaly without being on the Flight or experiencing dark lightning. And those with sharp memories of season one will remember that Manifest still hasn’t explained Fiona Clarke’s evolutionary theories, her lack of callings despite being on Flight 828, or her forced time jump with Captain Daly.

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Now, it’s possible that Manifest has no intention of returning to those dangling threads from season one, but with the return of the dark lightning the parallels are undeniable. The good news for the show is that the best finales evoke the greatest amount of speculation, and the season 2 conclusion did just that. Whatever the theories are out there about what the callings mean, where they originate, and whether or not they’re for the greater good, it’s likely the fans will be itching for answers even after receiving plenty of closure in the season 2 finale, and that sort of pleasurable discomfort is exactly what the writers wanted.


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