Manchester United fans attack Ed Woodward’s home after death chants at Old Trafford

Manchester United supporters targeted Ed Woodward’s home in Cheshire (Twitter/Getty Images)

A group of Manchester United fans attacked the home of the club’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward on Tuesday evening.

Around 20 people who are believed to be part of a hooligan group known as the ‘Men In Black’ marched on Woodward’s home in Cheshire.

At least one red flare was thrown over the gate at the front of the property while red paint was sprayed over the intercom.

According to The Sun, a firework was also set off in the direction of the house.

Woodward and his family were not in the property at the time of the attack, according to widespread reports.

A statement from United read: ‘Manchester United Football Club have tonight been made aware of the incident outside the home of one of our employees.

‘We know that the football world will unite behind us as we work with Greater Manchester Police to identify the perpetrators of this unwarranted attack.

‘Anybody found guilty of a criminal offence, or found to be trespassing on this property, will be banned for life by The Club & may face prosecution.

‘Fans expressing opinion is one thing, criminal damage & intent to endanger life is another. There is simply no excuse for this.’

Manchester United have directed their anger towards Ed Woodward at Old Trafford in recent weeks (AFP via Getty Images)

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