Man uses dead pigeon ‘as weapon’ during street fight

A man was filmed hurling a dead pigeon at his rival during a fight in the street.

The two men, who appear to have been drinking, square up to each other outside McDonald’s before the fight takes its unhygienic turn.

One of them, wearing a jacket, yells ‘Mon then’ at another man, wearing a green t-shirt and Adidas trousers.

Onlookers tell the man in the t-shirt to walk away, but he does not.

Instead, he says ‘You’re a waste of my time’ before pushing him and hitting him back.

Bizarrely, the song ‘Mambo Number 5’ can be heard playing in the background as the two men have it out.

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The two start off by scrapping in the street (Picture: Kwasie Mensah/Deadline News)
Then one of the men picks up a pigeon and hurls it at the other (Picture: Kwasie Mensah/Deadline News)

Eventually a mate of the man in the t-shirt encourages him to walk away.

When he backs away from the fight and walks up the street, he picks up a dead pigeon which is lying on the pavement.

As the lyrics ‘A little bit of Monica in my life’ can be heard playing he launches the dead pigeon at his attacker.

The bird just misses the other man’s head and lands on the ground behind him.

Doorman Kwasie Mensah filmed the clip and posted it to Facebook writing: ‘Can’t believe he threw a dead pigeon.” and three laughing face emojis.

Matty Edgar responded online: ‘Poor pigeon done nothing ffs.’

The body of the pigeon on the ground (Picture: Kwasie Mensah/Deadline News)

Ben Crummy wrote: ‘Imagine getting a pigeon threw at ya half way through a scrap lad hahaha.’

Chris Hathaway wrote: ‘Using a pigeon as a weapon is a new one for me.’

Speaking today, Kwasie Mensah said: ‘I work as a doorman on a bar called the Celtic Corner, I see stuff like this all the time.

‘The video comes across as quite funny, but it could have took a turn for the worse. Luckily it never. If it did though we definitely would of stepped in.’


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