Man surprises girlfriend by proposing as she boards plane – one year after they met on a flight

The moment Michael got down on one knee (Picture: Randi Michelle / @RandiMichelleweddings)

Cathlyn Jones and Michael Davis ended up sitting next to eachother on a Southwest airline flight.

The airline has unassigned seating and Cathlyn thought Michael was cute so she sat down in his row.

By the end of the flight, they had swapped numbers and a week later, they went on a date.

So when Michael decided to propose, he wanted to incorporate a plane into the special moment.

He found the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, Texas, where they have the first Southwest plane on display.

He got her family involved and made Cathlyn think she was filming a commercial for a girls’ trip to Dallas, with them even sending her a fake itinerary.

But really, Michael had planned to get down on one knee, with photographer Randi Michelle on standby to capture the moment.

She had no idea he was on the plane (Picture: Randi Michelle / @RandiMichelleweddings)

As a professional baseball player, the couple is apart for seven months of the year and she wasn’t expecting him to be there.

She boarded the plane to find him waiting on one knee, as their families stood outside and waved through the windows.

They said it was the best day of their lives so far (there is still the wedding day after all!)

Cathlyn told Insider that Southwest had even got invovled in the celebrations.

She said yes! (Picture: Randi Michelle / @RandiMichelleweddings)
Even Southwest celebrated their news with a bottle of champagne (Picture: Randi Michelle / @RandiMichelleweddings)

She said: ‘They sent us a bottle of champagne with our names, engagement date, and the flight number we met on engraved on the bottle.

‘Southwest has always been my favorite airline to fly on, but I love them even more now after meeting my future husband on it.’

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