Man slammed by passenger for reclining his seat during nine-hour flight – but people are divided

A MAN was slammed as a “jerk” for reclining his seat during a long-haul flight – but has divided opinion.

The passenger explained that they were on a nine-hour transatlantic flight, when they waited until after dinner service to recline his seats when the lights were dimmed.

A passenger has split opinion after a woman stopped him reclining during flight


A passenger has split opinion after a woman stopped him reclining during flightCredit: Alamy

However, another passenger then slammed him for putting back his seat.

They wrote on Reddit in a since deleted post: “The passenger seated behind me immediately demanded that I put my seat back in the upright position as it was cramping her space.

“When I looked behind I saw that although she felt she had the right to demand that I keep my seat in the upright position that she had fully reclined her seat.”

He said she called him a “selfish jerk” to which he told her she should have booked extra legroom if she wanted it – despite him being 6″ and her being just 5″6.

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Not only that, but he said he later woke up to find she had pushed his seat into the upright position while he was asleep, and then kicked the back of his seat during the meal service.

He finished by saying that despite flight crew telling the woman he was allowed to recline, other passengers didn’t agree and said he was an “a*****” for reclining during the flight.

While he asked if he was in the wrong, most people were on his side – one person wrote: “She was obnoxious and rude.”

Another agreed: “If she doesn’t like reclined seats in front of her, then she can pay up for first class. “

However, some people were sceptical – one person said: “I feel like we’re not getting the whole story here if the other passengers were siding with her.

“Surely if she was that unreasonable others would have immediately backed you up.”

Someone else added: “If I was in her position, I’d also probably think you were an a******, but that’s just because it really sucks to have the person in front of you leaning back into your space unless you’re also reclined.”

It’s not the first time a conflict has been caused by a seat during a flight.

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A mum split opinion after another passenger stopped her reclining her seat during a flight.

And a 6″3 man stopped another person reclining on a flight – but not everyone agreed with him.


Credit: Alamy


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