Man rubs tiny mark on the wall and turns it into a ‘4ft head of a haunted old man’


You know when you see a little mark so you rub it and suddenly it’s worse than when you started?

Well one woman watched her boyfriend as he turned the tiny mark beside their bed into a 4ft smudge that looks a lot like an old man crying, or possibly someone from a boyband.

Laura tweeted the picture with the caption: ‘My boyfriend tried to wipe a small mark off the wall and now we have the 4ft head of a haunted old man crying next to our bed.’

We can see it – the hair at the top, the closed eye, a definite chin.

She later added: ‘As it dries it appears to be developing shading, texture and the haircut of a 90s boy band member.’

Apparently Laura’s boyfriend tried to play down the very large stain on the wall and thought their landlord wouldn’t notice.

He thought that maybe he could hide it with a plant but we think it might need to find something more tree-sized to cover but the face that now watches over him.

After posting it on Twitter, Laura had lots of suggestions about what the face looks like.

Some said it bore a resemblance to politicians like Tony Blair and others thought Boris Johnson.

Others thought it could be a Dr Who villain and there was one suggestion of a ‘one-eyed Keanu Reeves’.

But quite a few people saw the face of a true hero – Colonel Sanders, the man behind KFC.

Although being haunted by Colonel Sanders might not be the worst thing in the world, it’s probably time these guys bought some paint.

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