Man inundated with marriage proposals after 'genius' voice prompt on Hinge Profile

A man’s dating profile has gone viral online and left many women begging to ‘marry him’ after they heard a voice prompt in which he does a hilarious impression of Kermit the Frog

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TikTok reacts to hilarious Hinge voice note

When it comes to putting your best foot forward on a dating app, you might not think an impression of Kermit the Frog would do it.

But it turns out, this is a key way to get yourself out there, as one man has found.

Harry Kersh, from London, has gone viral on social media after a woman shared a look at his Hinge profile.

On it, the 27-year-old had shared a voice prompt, which asks for his best celebrity impression – Harry opted to do an impression of Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars – but in Kermit’s voice.

And people have gone absolutely wild for the sound.

A recording of his profile was shared on TikTok by @teamfreebritney

Harry’s Hinge profile went viral

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A recording of the voice note was shared on TikTok by a user from New York City called @teamfreebritney.

They explained in a clip that they’d changed their Hinge location to London in order to “hear the sexy British voice prompts” and unsurprisingly Harry’s one was nothing like she’d expected.

In it, he can be heard saying: “Ok here’s what it would sound like if Kermit the Frog had slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars instead of Will Smith.

“Keep Miss Piggy’s name out of your f***ing mouth.”

Over one million people have since watched the TikTok, with thousands liking and hundreds commenting.

Many were left in stitches, with some branding it “genius” and “amazing” and others proclaiming their love for Harry.

“Marry him,” demanded one user.

Another wrote: “I’m in love with him already.”

“Actual genius here,” said a third.

Someone else posted: “PLZZZZ THIS IS BRILLIANT.”

Speaking to The Mirror, Harry said he’s found the attention “flattering”.

“I’m finding [going viral] funny! I put it on the profile to get some laughs and I’m glad it’s having the intended effect.

“I’ve had a couple of marriage proposals in the comments, which I of course find very flattering.”

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