Man accidentally added to family group chat sends money to the new parents

This man was a good sport when he was added to this family’s group chat (Picture: Zachary Garrett)

Texting the wrong number can provide lots of laughs… or just be met with confusion.

One man whose number was accidentally added to a group chat decided to play it cool and get involved in the conversation.

A guy named Bobby was added to the chat of the Garret family,who were discussing the birth of a new baby.

Zachary Garret and his wife were at the hospital preparing for the arrival of their newborn.

When they went to update the family in the group chat which included an adorable ‘meemaw’, they were alarmed that a stranger had been part of it.

But luckily for them, nice guy Bobby was honoured to be involved and even offered them a gift.

He sent a selfie and wrote to the Garrets: ‘Don’t know how I got added to this group, cause I don’t think I know anyone in it!! LOL But anywho CONGRATS ZACH!!

‘My name is Bobby by the way,’ he added. ‘Shoot me your Cashapp info and I will donate to the diapers.’

Zach was a little taken aback by the response but was touched by the stranger’s kindness.

Bobby’s number was added by the grandmother who used Zach’s old number now redistributed to Bobby. (Picture: Zachary Garrett)

The new dad was apologetic to Bobby for the mishap, which he felt embarrassed by.

He told Bobby that it was their grandmother (Meemaw) who added Zach’s old number from his military days.

Bobby, the new owner of Zach’s old number, didn’t mind so much. He insisted on getting the new parents a present.

He wrote to them: ‘Anytime another life comes to us is a blessing and a beautiful thing!.

‘Just happy to see people happy! I’m serious tho, I will donate to the diapers cuz you can’t ever have enough’.

Zach found Bobby’s selfie hilarious and was honoured to receive money for nappies for his new child.

He told Romper: ‘When we first heard from him I was a little embarrassed that me and my grandmother were talking away with him stuck in our group chat, but his selfie brought so much humor to the situation.

‘We all had a good laugh! Bobby could have been really rude or told us to take him out of our chat but he didn’t. He was so nice about it!’

What a good sport.

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