Make Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet S7 FE 5G your go-to device wherever you are


tablet is one of the coolest inventions of recent years – a slab of glass and aluminium with a display that responds to the touch.

At its best, a tablet is intuitive to use, works as a useful second screen or, if it’s good enough, the perfect portable display. It can be useful for everything from composing an email to playing games. Oh, and it’s great for creativity, too.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Tablet FE 5G is powerful and effective for all of the above. To start with, there’s a spectacular 12.4in display, bigger than many other tablet screens – and you can see the difference.

It’s still very lightweight, so you can take it anywhere – and since it even has a SIM card slot and the 5G connectivity of a high-end mobile phone, that includes taking it with you wherever you go – into the great outdoors, on holiday, on the train, in your favourite coffee shop. Wherever you are, you’ll be connected at lightning speed.

The vision thing

Also like a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tablet FE 5G has an OLED-technology display, where other tablets use LCD screens. That means it’s so colourful and richly detailed it’s hard to tear your eyes away, whether you’re streaming a movie or watching live sport. There are even split-screen options so you can watch not one but up to four sports at the same time.

It’s also the ideal kitchen companion, so you can enjoy the latest episode of your favourite cooking show on it while cooking. Or you could be following a recipe on the tablet – the advantages of watching a beautiful step-by-step video over a recipe book are obvious.

You can also play music at the same time, streaming it through Samsung’s powerful, room-filling AKG dual speakers, with Dolby Atmos adding an even richer, immersive surround sound.

Seamlessly connected

Then there’s the smart home connectivity. Because this is an Android tablet, anyone who’s used an Android smartphone will know how it works, and it’s just as easy to use, with millions of apps to choose from.

Running on Android means it’s also compatible with a huge range of smart-home gadgets, from video doorbells, which show who’s outside right on the display, to a smart thermostat, so you can conveniently control your heating from the tablet.

There’s also a smart stylus, the S Pen, which is included in the box – most other tablets charge you a hefty separate fee for this. This is handy for scribbling notes, creative drawing apps and lots more. You can even plonk it on the back of the tablet where it’ll charge wirelessly.

Whether you want a screen for watching movies in great definition, a creative tool to turn to when you’re inspired or a speedy games machine to help raise you above the competition, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tablet FE 5G has it all.

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