Make Christmas 2021 special with these popular toys from eBay


s your bank account telling you everybody will be receiving high-fives for Christmas this year?

The festive season is not a competition of money spent – the amateur’s yardstick – but of delight inspired – the true measure of a gift. And if you are an adult and are terrified by the idea of hearing the cry of disappointed kids unwrapping mismatched gifts on Christmas morning, oh-oh-oh, have we got news for you.

After scouring eBay for the beautiful, the useful, and the absurd, we have compiled a comprehensive list of top toy predictions for Christmas 2021. You’ll find gift ideas for toddlers and old believers, including the most sought-after games you might not have even heard about until now, but believe us, they’re going to be on *that* list.

And all of this without the need to mortgage your house, because Santa loves you, too.

A Christmas classic: the Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper


This is the quintessential Christmas present and nothing – nothing – beats it: with multiple transformations, the Barbie 3-in-1 camper becomes 3 vehicles and 5 living spaces, giving your kid 360-degree play and 60 accessories. Your child will love you forever.

This year’s playground must-have: Pop it!


A passing fad? A concentration aid? Both? The rainbow, reusable bubble wrap fidget toy has taken over TikTok and primary school playgrounds. What’s it for? They say it helps kids with their maths. But if you didn’t understand the fidget spinner craze of 2017, there are no chances you’ll get this one.

The joys of yesteryear


This 100-piece road and rail wooden train set lets children combine both cars and trains. With so many pieces, they can design their own unique tracks over and over again and have loads of adventures. The set includes a variety of wooden track pieces, a bridge, a functioning crane and magnetic trains.

Get ready to spin


The hit of the season is the all-new 12-volt ride-on Waltzer car toy. The built-in music and lights will make every day like a trip to the fair – but without the queues. Fully rechargeable and powered by twin motors, the toy car can spin a full 360 degrees with its simple joystick controls.

For the child (in you)


This is really a toy you’re buying for yourself. Get an exclusive, collectible model of the Technic Porsche, an icon of innovative engineering and design. With its 1580 pieces, this LEGO model features realistic movements and mechanisms to provide an immersive experience.

Big deal, he is


It’s Baby Yoda. It moves its arms, closes its eyes, giggles, babbles, and sighs. I do not know why you’re still reading this instead of buying it now.

Need for speed!


The Track Builder Multi-Lane Speed Box offers endless options for cool stunts and side-by-side racing.

Connect the track to the lid for the ultimate gravity drop stunt. The bottom of the bin has a 4-lane jump for a great finishing stunt. At bedtime, everything fits inside the bin for easy portability and simple storage.

If you liked this list, head over to eBay to get more inspo for a magical 2021 Christmas.


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