Magical sofa turns into a mini workspace pod so you can ignore your housemates when you work from home

The future of working from home? (Picture: JaK Studio)

As working from home becomes the norm (or so many of us hope), we’re having to adjust to the reality that we might not have the space for the dedicated home office of our dreams.

While you could just make do with one of those little wooden fold-out desks you can find online or trying not to wreck your back while lounging on the sofa with a laptop, a design and architecture practice has come up with a more out-there solution.

JaK Studio have unveiled a snazzy L shaped sofa that, along with functioning as a pull-out bed, transforms into a mini office pod you can cocoon inside whenever you want to shut out your housemates or children and get on with work.

Designed to look like a regular bit of comfy furniture, the L20 sofa can be manoeuvred into a quiet working space with a seat, a drop down desk, a reading light, USB and laptop charging points, and a cork pinboard.

The sofa turns into a bed and a working space

It works with a quick release system and sliding rails so the transformation is easy, with the intention that you can easily change up your space for work versus rest.

The fabric has also been chosen to provide a bit of noise control, so when you’re inside the pod you can get on with Zoom calls without too much background noise screaming through.

The design isn’t available for purchase yet, so we don’t know how much it will cost, but we imagine quite a bit more than the standing desk you’ve crafted from cardboard.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s a sofa (Picture: JaK Studio)

It’s worth noting that while the sofa/mini office allows for an adaptable space, obviously when you’re using it as a working pod the sofa disappears – so unless you happen to have another bit of living room furniture, your housemates might get a bit pissed off when you fold up their sofa just so you can work.

Jacob Low, the director at JaK Studio says he was inspired to create the sofa after struggling to get stuff done while working from home.

‘I watched my kids build endless dens from what they could scavenge in our home,’ he explains. ‘It dawned on me that the limit to what we can use our homes for is infinite if we are creative.

And here it is as an office pod (Picture: JaK Studio)

‘The sofa bed was a revolutionary piece of furniture when it was first designed but it has not evolved further. The L20 concept would bring the ‘L’ shaped sofa into this new era in which we are living, providing individuals with the flexibility that they require particularly as we continue to demand more from our homes.’

JaK Studio is now looking for a commercial partner to mass-produce the prototyped design and have pledged all profits from the design rights to the Architects Benevolent Fund.

Keep your eyes peeled – this could be the future of remote-working.

Or you could just put up an office tent in your kitchen so you can at least pretend your housemates aren’t around and create some distinction between work and rest. When the tent’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’… because the rocking is caused by my furious typing and I’m trying to work. That’s the phrase, right?

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