Madonna splashes out a staggering $5million on her Billboard Music Awards performance

The pop icon, who released her new single Medellin featuring Maluma  earlier this month, will perform at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, Madonna, 60, has splashed out a staggering $5million on the performance.

Sources have told the US site that M is personally coughing up the money herself with Billboard offering “zero assistance”.

The site allege UK sources with “direct knowledge” have spilled that Madonna’s performance is being billed as “one of the most ambitious performances ever to be attempted on live TV”.

The seven-minute show is reported to include holograms and CGI.

Columbian superstar Maluma will join Madge for the performance.

Daily Star Online recently revealed how Radio 1 have decided not to play the comeback single, despite it being the lead track from her fourteenth studio album Madame X.

A source at the time said: “Madonna will no doubt be annoyed at the snub, but it’s hardly surprising.


SPLASHING OUT: Madonna is said to have spent $5million on her performance (Pic: MADONNA)


COMEBACK: Madonna is promoting her new album Madame X (Pic: MADONNA)


RACY: Madonna and Maluma get close in the new video for Medellin (Pic: MADONNA/UNIVERSAL)

“I went there thinking it would be an adventure but I found myself just going to school and football matches”


“Radio 1 failed to support her in 2014 when she released her last lead single, so for her to make the playlists over half a decade later would be all but impossible.

“Radio 1’s target audience is 15 to 29-year-olds, meaning some of their target listeners were only born in 2005.”

Meanwhile, a BBC rep added: “Individual stations make their own decisions on the songs they play, based on what the audience expects to hear, with no other criteria taken into consideration.”


TEASE: Madonna has shared a string of pics from her rehearsals (Pic: MADONNA)


WORKING HARD: Maluma shared snaps of him rehearsing for the performance online (Pic: MALUMA)


ICON: Madonna is pulling out all the stops for her new era (Pic: MADONNA )

Chatting during MTV Presents Madonna Live & Exclusive: Medellín Video World Premiere in London last week, Madonna admitted moving to Portugal left her lonely.

The Like A Virgin singer said: “I didn’t go to Lisbon to make a record, that was the last thing on my mind.

“My son wanted to be a professional soccer player so I kind of just spun the globe and did a lot of research for academies for boys to train and Lisbon ended up being my favourite city of the options.”


COMEBACK: Madonna’s new album Madame X drops on June 14 (Pic: MADONNA)


SUPERSTAR: Madonna is one of the biggest singer on the planet (Pic: PH/MADONNA)

She added: “I went there thinking it would be an adventure but I found myself just going to school and football matches.

“Really I was Billy no mates. I got a little bit depressed.

“And I thought I need to make friends and make friends.”

A rep for Madonna has been contacted by Daily Star Online for comment. 


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