Madden 20 Ultimate Team’s Series 4 is approaching the week five mark, meaning it should be near its end, but we are yet to have any update on when to expect Series 5.

This Friday, the 24th, would be the five week mark – the same length as the other series – but Series 5 typically comes after the Super Bowl, making February 7 the next most logical date.

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However, that’s just speculation. While we’re doing that we may as well take a look at the Series 5 master.

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There have been two defensive and two offensive players so far, with Brandin Cooks being the most recent. So will it switch back to the defensive side of the ball?

Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles

fletcher-cox-madden 20-series-5-master
RESILIENT: Cox battled injuries throughout the season

Fletcher Cox remains one of the best interior defensive lineman in the NFL. The Eagles may have had a disappointing 9-7 record, going on to lose in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, but Cox battled through injuries to be dominant by season’s end.

He may have played in all 16 games with only 3.5 sacks – his second lowest total ever – but given his quality and versatility, and the fact he was playing through injuries for a lot of the year, he deserves a MUT card higher than 91 OVR.

Also, the two defensive players with Master cards are a FS and a LOLB, so defensive line makes sense as the next master.

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Jurrell Casey, Tennessee Titans

jurrell-casey-madden 20-series-5-master
LEADER: Casey has been a staple of the Titans’ defense since he was drafted

The Tennessee Titans were one of the biggest surprise packages of the 2019 NFL season, reaching the AFC Championship game having beaten the New England Patriots in Foxboro and the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, and having started the season 2-4.

Casey was a huge reason why, and has been a catalyst to the team’s past success from the interior defensive line.

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His best card is a 91 OVR Signature Series card that is now outdated. His performance relative to similar players and representation in MUT dictate he should be on the cards for a seriously upgraded card very soon.

T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers

DPOY: Watt was one of the best defensive p;layers in the NFL this year

T.J. Watt should have made the Team of the Year. He was the best edge player in the NFL as he made plays against run and pass in every way possible.

The biggest reason, I expect, he didn’t make TOTY is because MUT have another highly rated card coming for the Steelers’ star player.

Could that be the Series 5 master? Or are they holding out to give him a Defensive Player of the Year card should he win that award (which he should)?

We don’t know. If he does win DPOY, and Series 5 starts after the Super Bowl, then we can rule him out as the Series 5 master.

Series 5 master cost

As with the rest of the Masters, you can expect the NAT version of the card to cost 1,050 Series 5 trophies, while the auctionable master will cost a whopping 2,000 Series 5 trophies.

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Alternatively you can look to pick one up for around 500k coins in the auction house.

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Series 5 master rating

If it continues in the trend it has so far, you can expect the master to be rated 96 OVR, as the last two jumped one OVR.

However, given the best players in the game right now are 97 OVR, I would expect the master to be rated 97 OVR. A two OVR jump isn’t unreasonable, considering Series 1 master Von Miller was 91 OVR, and Series 2 master Melvin Gordon III was 93 OVR.

What else will be new?

Series 5 will obviously bring far more content than just a new master. There’ll be challenges, new programs, new missions and a lot of new players.

However, one of Madden 20’s producers, Jake Stein (@Jstein2469), replied to a tweet revealing some juicy new information.

That’s right, there’ll be a ton of new swag to deck your team out in. He revealed there will be around 60 new throwback and alternate uniforms.

That means we could see uniforms like the 49ers’ all-white throwbacks, or the Dolphins’ throwback uniforms, or even the Ravens’ all-black uniforms.

Release date

We still don’t know exactly when Series 5 is coming, but on Good Morning Madden it was revealed there will be a post to confirm Series 5 whenever it is coming, so keep your eyes peeled on the MUT social media accounts as we approach the Super Bowl.

However, January 24 and February 7 are the dates to keep an eye on.

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